Official Entry to Ultimate Blog Challenge - Girl Gamer Site!

I'm very happy that i will be presenting my very first Blog made, to contest in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. :) Some pictures that i have been posted is currently uploaded in imageshack. For more information, kindly drop me an email, posted on my profile.

"You boys get off in our lawn!"

GE Ladies Hub

bleeeh :P


Veya's Ultimate Blog Challenge has been extended!

Veya: Ultimate Blog Challenge - Girl Gamer Site

The Challenge:
The new website will need a new title, a slogan, and a layout. Players must come up with the most unique and creative title/name, slogan, and layout for the upcoming Girl Gamer site.

Sample Format:
Title – GE PH Community Blog: Lady Veya’s Musings

Slogan – Don’t play games with a girl who can play better.

Layout – XML Blogspot Format
*Blogger layouts can be tricky. Try to create an account and go to Layout - Edit HTML to learn more about it. Sample would be my current blog layout. This one is simple - I played with the colors and the images for the widgets (side panel) and the header. It's similar to the DIV (divider) designs.

• Title/Slogan: keep it short and simple. Vulgar words are not allowed.
• Layout:
a. Images must not be heavy for uploading. Maintain 1280 x 800 pixels or less, and 1,000 KB or less as well.
b. Observe copyrights; if you’re using someone else’s image, ask for permission and give proper credits to the owners.

Most unique title and slogan – 1 Item of the Month, and 1 Rabbit Hairlace
Most creative layout – 30,000 GPoints, 50 Adelina’s Booty Search and 3 Rabbit Hairlace

Deadline of entries is until the end of the month of May.***

***Date and mechanics may subject to change.